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 Why Choose Dove? 

Dove Estates Senior Community is locally owned and family inspired community.

Life delivers many challenges in our personal lives, as well as our businesses. In the case of the five sisters who own Dove Estates, their personal lives merge with that of business in the most intimate of ways. At Dove Estates Senior Living Community, the care of the elderly friends and neighbors feels more like caring for your own family. Dove Estates "success" directly affects your family as well as theirs. What constitutes "success" in elder care? In the opinion of Dove Estates, "it is the day-to-day commitment by our compassionate staff who meet the changing needs of our residents."

You may have recently driven by one of the billboards, westbound on Kellogg and 183rd street or on the corner of Maple and 183rd street. These two signs bookend the community. They simply say, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unnoticed." There seems to be much talk in the recent years about kindness on social media, signs, etc. and this sentiment gets echoed with the staff of Dove Estates. Family members, including the parents of the owners, recently had many health challenges and were blessed with the staff at Dove Estates who did their best to keep them well cared for with dignity and love. 

It is not uncommon for housekeepers to swing by during their breaks to give some cheer or the kitchen staff to indulge the residents with extra treats. Dove Estates nursing staff do their best to accommodate residents every need. Thank goodness for individuals who stay in the health care profession and are dedicated to care for our loved ones. 

So, for these and all the acts of kindness shown to our families, friends, and coworkers, let us offer our deepest and most sincere gratitude. Let us keep kindness foremost in our mind and remember the huge impact even the smallest of acts can have.

Jill Steiner, one of the managing partners at Dove Estates, joined Experience Care’s LTC Heroes podcast to discuss building a culture of family with staff and residents. She also shared how she and her team go the extra mile and pay attention to the little things, like menu options, that make a big difference in the lives of community members.

You can listen to the interview below:








Steiner is part of a team that ensures that all aspects of operations are handled here in the facility with 'hands-on" attention from the owners who are compassionate about providing for the resident's every need. They continue to look for ways to improve the services and environment to provide a superior quality of life for the residents. 

Dove Estates Senior Community is an extension of family providing great care and great service.

Our Mission


“We empower our growing Dove Estates family by enriching the lives and hearts of the people we touch.”


Our Vision


“To honor God by creating a safe haven for those entrusted to our care.”

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