Here at Dove Estates we offer services to help ensure the highest quality of life and provide compassionate care in a loving, home-like environment.


The nursing team at Dove Estates is dedicated to meeting the physical health, spiritual, social and emotional needs of the residents. While we encourage residents to be as independent as possible, our team will be ready and able to provide as much comfort and support as the resident wants or requires. Dove Estates will be staffed twenty-four hours a day by nursing team members. In addition to the RNs and LPNs, the heart of our caregiving effort will be provided by a solid team of certified medication aides (CMAs) and certified nurse’s aides (CNAs).   



At Dove Estates, every effort is made to be attentive to customer preferences, diets and needs. At every meal, we offer a restaurant-style selective menu with many choices of entree, vegetable side dish, bread and dessert. If a resident prefers something different than what is offered, they have only to ask the server for their special requests to be met.

The OpenCafé is open 24/7 offering a full selection of coffee, tea, soda and juices. Fruit, snacks and baked goodies are there for resident enjoyment and convenience.

Our dietary manager, cooks, and dietary aides work together to provide residents with healthy and delicious meals. We offer nutrition consultation by a registered dietitian to assist our residents in receiving three balanced meals a day. 

Regular and therapeutic diets will be accomodated.  
Therapeutic diets include:

  •      No added salt

  •      No added fat

  •      Limited Concentrated Sweets (LCS)

  •      Mechanical, Altered (ground, puree)

Dove Estates Assisted Living and Independent Living Wichita, KS

Dove Estates offers regionally recognized rehabilitation services— in physical, occupational, speech, and dietary circumstances. We provide a coordinated program of care. Compassionately improving the mobility and general quality of life for our residents is our primary concern, which often includes reshaping lost abilities and teaching new skills. Reaching optimal independence is our ultimate goal. 


Professional therapy services can be covered by Medicare Part B and secondary insurance.


Respite care programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care givers of elderly adults in order to support and maintain the primary care giving relationship. In Kansas, adult care home regulations define respite care as “the provision of services to a resident on an intermittent basis for period of fewer than 30 days at any one time.” Respite care is one of the services that Alzheimer’s caregivers say they need most.  It allows a spell of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.


In the United States today there are approximately 50 million people who are caring at home for family members including elderly parents, spouses and children with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. Without this home-care, most of these cared for loved ones would require permanent placement in institutions or health care facilities.


Dove Estates Assisted Living and Independent Living Wichita, KS
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