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Ready to move, but overwhelmed?


Are you ready to make the move to Independent or Assisted Living?  Don't know how to start? Let our Retirement Counselors help. 

Dove Estates Assisted Living and Independent Living Wichita, KS
Dove Estates Assisted Living and Independent Living Wichita, KS

Retirement Services


Making the decision to move to a Senior Community is difficult enough without having to figure out how to do it. Sorting through and disposing of furniture, clothing and precious possesions before moving can be a daunting task, but, amidst the boxes, fading photos, and such, lies an opportunity for a comfortable and safe new home.  An opportunity to start a more secure and socially active way of life.  Let us help you through the process. 


We work with many local agencies and vendors who specialize in the types of services that will help make your move easier.  From organizing and estate sales, realtors, movers, to assisting with financial planning and processing long-term care insurance, we can make the transition as easing and seamless as possible.


Ask one of our representatives about how we can assist you through your move.



  • Professional Organizers

  • Estate Sales

  • Realtors

  • Movers

  • Financial Planning

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

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