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7 Fears of Senior Living 
I will lose my independence.

While some seniors fear that assisted living is equal to a loss of independence, the truth is in fact much the opposite.  What senior living offers is greater freedom with the precious time you have and to make that time happy and rewarding.


Everyone will forget about me.

Moving into senior living doesn't mean you'll lose relationships with others. In fact, you just might value them even more. At the same time, you'll be provided new opportunities for new friends and not to mention on-site help when there's an emergency.


I will get old and sick faster.

Whether you're old or young, being alone or isolated leads to anxiety and depression that contributes to declining health. The social contact a senior community provides is key to better health and quality of life.


I'll be bored.

With the amenities and activities offered here, there's no time to be bored!  We offer everything from outings to fitness and scheduled activities. You are sure to find something to meet your tastes.


I'll drain my finances.

Yes, senior living can seem financially daunting, but if you're already thinking about how to afford assisted living, you're ahead of the game. With some financial planning, senior living can sometimes be about the same cost as living at home. 


I'll be neglected.

When it's time for assisted living, your older loved one should be just as comfortable with their new home as you feel moving them there.  Caregivers should remember to maintain regular contact with senior loved ones, particularly in the weeks after they first move in.

Remember too, that your loved one will be well cared for;  here at Dove Estates, we treat your family like our family.


I won't be in control my daily life.

Moving to a new residence can be difficult and require major adjustment.  The fact is, assisted living can be a necessary and freeing step for both seniors and families.  The emphasis is on safety and security, but also independence and privacy, enabling each resident to have the care they need without compromising individual dignity. 

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